Our story

The idea all started back in 2012, my favorite pre-workout changed their formula.  The “new formula” was scaled back and contained a large amount of filler products.  The company took out everything which worked and replaced with cheaper ingredients.  I thought to myself, “Why don’t i make my own?”.  After some pondering and looking into it, the idea quickly went away.  I searched for a new pre-workout.  I found a couple throughout the years which worked somewhat, but nothing to the scale of this previous product.  Fast forward to 2018.  One day at work, i said to myself, i want to open my own business.  Later that night, i talked to Jessica.  We discussed what business we should go into.  Jessica suggested supplements as she knew i was always looking for a better product than what was sold on shelves.  I said no at that point in time.  We decided on a different business area.  We took the next almost 9 months researching the opportunities in different area in business.  After much time, we came to the conclusion that pursuing a business in a different area wasn’t right for us due to multiple factors.  We came back to the drawing board and i brought up the supplement industry Jessica previously mentioned.  She was all for it.  I apologized for shooting the idea down months earlier.     

The real struggle for an average person is trying to balance a healthy lifestyle with demanding work schedules. Part of the solution is a pre-workout which will motivate and energize everyone’s work out without the stomach issues or jitters. Each and every supplement we bring to you is Hood tested and Hood approved. It is made with respect and consideration for you.